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By zazznDecember 9, in Performance Modifications. On the diffrent end of the scale form what I've already posted of the s-afc; it seems that the VW guys as mentioned somewhere in here have tools like Lemmiwinks. I'm wondering if applcations that they have developed for the VW guys will work for us since all we are doing is changing the mapping on the same ECU Hey, not many people tune me7 cars but all my tuned volvos are me7 cars just because there are advantages but it can be a tad harder to tune.

Since the me7 cars have drive by wire. Boost is best left for the ecu to control. Also me7 pulls timing before boost which of course you can recover timing fast than boost.

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At the moment the best way to tune is through remapping in the stock ecu as you know. They have software that works with me7 to keep all light off as well as offer you toall control of boost,timing,fuel, ect.

If not Motec standalone system seems to be the next bet.

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A V70 is basically a with updated body and interior. The engine is virtually the same as an R engine is a R, except instead of using 15G's they use a 16T on the T5's, 18T's ont he 98's and 99's and then a 19T on the 00's.

The difference is that in MY98 they used ME4. Now there are not any inherent problems with the ME7. The engine management of ME7 is actually better than 4. As far as which is better, that's debatable Both cars are equally tunable with lots of people making big numbers from both cars.

Vag Groupd 1.8T me7.5 Launch control Script!

Hey now not so harsh. It so happens my 01 Auto C70 Made whp and ftq on drive by wire. This is on the stock bottome and as well. That was on 93 octane. Intercooler was upgraded.

Very good power range as well. The 19T turbo can keep the power and torque curve up higher in the rpm range.

Bosch ME7 01W35 P2X B52X4XT ME 7.0.1 2XKP 261204559 359462 ECU tuning files

At the Volvo shop I work at- we see a fair amount of defective throttle bodies on '99's. Seems to me they are a magnetti Marelli unit and not terribly cheap either. Performance Modifications Search In. Archived This topic is now archived and is closed to further replies.Recalculation of checksum 2.

Auto detect ECU and processor type. No need to select from list,everything si automatic! Supports Bosch up to TP12 9. Added CRD3. Added Smart ME7. VAG ME7. Updated Volvo ME7 checksum both internal and external.

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Corrected Volvo ME7 comms problem. Updated Bosch checksum to do dual boot files. Updated Mercedes ME2. Ford edc16c34 2.

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Focus, read 3 sectors about 10 min and write 4,20 min than wait 3 min. Answer 1: Yes, The version that we include Answer 2: Some bloger have reported issues with reading Chrysler Jeep Cherokee 2. Answer 3: Clone MPPS can not update,but with same function like original if you buy clone mpps,you would better to ask for function you want,sometime clone mpps can not support some function as original.

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Necessary Always Enabled. Non-necessary Non-necessary.The definitions that TunerPro supports are created by TunerPro users around the world. As a result, there are few assurances to the accuracy of definition files that can be found in various places on the web, etc.

It should be understood that in some cases you can do harm to your engine if you tune using an inaccurate definition file. All definitions are to be used at your own risk. Note: these definitions are from various sources, some verified, some not. If you are the owner of one of these definitions and wish to have it removed, or would like to provide an updated version, please contact me.

Download definitions by right-clicking and selecting "Save as LS1 reflashing information can be found here. Ford requires v4. A9L - Mustang 5. A9P - '89 - '92 5. Only k EEC-V files should be used.

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L4C1 - 5. May also work with: 6DAC -unknown, 4. However if you choose to play with these, be aware of that you do so at your own risk. V5 Only - S13RT.

MPPS V22 V21 V18 V16 ECU Programming Software Free Download

EZK box number 0 Bins. Requires the Buell plug-in, which is installed with TunerPro RT and is also available on the plug-ins downloads page. Please also check out the ECMSpy website for more software and information on tuning Buell motorcycles. All Definitions are for TunerPro V5 and newer. Moto Guzzi. Download includes checksum plug-in. Created and maintained by Robert Fleming. Shows info for basic vehicle function using generic ELM cable.Custom software is installed that changes many parameters that control the way the engine operates, such as ignition timing, boost control, torque limitation, fuel ratios, and more.

Through proper modification of these parameters, it is possible to greatly increase the power output of the vehicle, while at the same time improving safety and longevity of the engine, drivability, and smoothness. The factory tune that comes stock on your car is not geared for performance. Vehicle manufacturers focus on meeting quotas set forth by their marketing and standards departments and the result is that no aspect of the software is outstanding.

With proper tuning, you can increase both power and fuel economy. Our softloader has been designed specifically to support ease of use for our customers and also to provide a comprehensive tool for high horsepower builds. Our datalogger capabilities are unmatched by any other product on the market. Since engine performance data is so critical once large component modifications are made, such as turbo and injector changes, we wanted to make sure that we had the best logging in the industry.

This is what allows us to dominate the tuning market and bring you some of the highest horsepower builds in the world. Check out our tunes here! You can expect an increase across the entire power band of the car. Many customers ask why we do not publish dyno graphs.

In the interest of giving you the most accurate information available, we do not usually quote horsepower and torque number increases, since every car performs differently. Stage 3 and higher tunes depend upon your chosen hardware configuration.

MaxxECU Downloads

The turbo is the biggest factor in your expected power output, so depending on what turbo you choose for your build, your horsepower will vary. Again, every car performs differently, and the actual numbers do not always correlate to real world performance. We always tune for the best power band improvement, which will give you the best performance on the street.

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If you disable this cookie, we will not be able to save your preferences. This means that every time you visit this website you will need to enable or disable cookies again. Tuning Perfection. Shop Now. Why Hilton Tuning? What can I Expect from a Hilton Tune? Dyno Graph.Upgrading the engine management software and exhaust on your turbo Volvo is the most effective way to improve output.

You can expect to see realistic and measurable gains from 33 to 53 HP depending on the model. We work with engineers from MTE to develop performance calibrations optimized for the North American market that retain full factory functionality, drivability and emission levels.

volvo me7 tuning software

If you spend much time on popular Volvo performance enthusiast forums, you might have noticed that we are occasionally referred to as being too conservative in our tuning since some Volvo tuners publish higher horsepower specs than we do. Some of our competitors do make a couple of more peak HP, but if you do your homework, you will find that our upgrades provide superior real world performance and the reason is because we focus on developing the most area under the power curve with smooth linear power delivery.

The truth, as usual, is that the engine with the most area under the curve, either the horsepower or torque curve, is the one that will be faster. Ah, ha! Now you see why the area under the torque curve is the most important of all.

FYI- Dave writes very insightful tech articles laying waste to common performance misconceptions in each issue! You can also read some of his work at www. It might be possible to squeeze a few more ponies from certain models by running a bit more boost, but careful research and development combined with over a decade of experience in upgrading the Volvo 5 and 6-cylinder Turbo models have made our upgrades the most respected and successful in the industry.

When upgrading, it seems logical that you would want to make sure that the engine is in top tune, but this is often overlooked in the quest for instant performance gratification, which often results in poor performance from your upgrades. The increased loads can cause misfiring and other unpleasant issues. We have been flash upgrading Volvo ECUs since and we are still the only company that can offer you the security and reliability that flash upgrading provides. Just like the factory, no soldering, no wire cutting or piggy back connectors required.

Even though our upgrades sometimes cost more than our competitors, the performance, quality service and convenience we provide allows us to outsell our closest competitor by 10 to1. You get what you pay for with ipd ECU upgrades. However, if you do your homework you will find that our upgrades provide superior real world performance and the reason is because we focus on developing the most area under the power curve and smooth linear power delivery.

The dyno charts on this page show that even though one of our competitors does make more peak HP, there is no comparison when it comes to area under the curve. On high output models like the S60R and V70R our tuning methods develop over twice the power increase as can be seen in the dyno graphs at right.Dev Blog. The Volvo ME7 thread:. Hi all, I've recently been working on my Volvo S60 T5 with ME7, and as the software layout is "quite similar" to the VAG ME7, it was straight forward to locate and adjust the basic maps for more performance i.

The car has now elevated boost from approx. As I'm switching injectors now I have trouble locating the proper settings in the software and I'm seeing the need for a definition file to take this project further with new turbo, new fuel pump, new injectors, new IC, new clutch.

Any input is appreciated, Best Regards Fredrik. Re: Damos file for Volvo ME7, anyone? Quote from: turboskipper on January 17,AM. Fredrik, I would be interested to see a dump of an S60 orig file, can you provide one. Will be easier than searching the internet for Volvo images. Quote from: setzi62 on January 21,AM. Thanks for the dump and the hints about versions and layout.

volvo me7 tuning software

I was more interested to look for the K-line communication functions in this image than locating the maps for tuning. I could find the same communication functions as used in VAG ecu's. Quote from: setzi62 on January 22,AM. Has anyone found anything of interest on the Volvo ME7 damos subject? The engine starts up and works quite well after having adjusted the MAF-scaling and a few other things.

Only penalty is that boost enters about rpm's later compared to stock cams. The issues so far The stock ME7 software combined with the stock cams will never enable fuel injectors before the intake valve is open, no point in squirting fuel on closed valves with no airflow. After having switched the cams, the valves do open earlier and also closes later and as a result The engine will start to consume air with no fuel added to it for a short period of time creating what I would suspect being a non ideal mixture.

This needs to be adressed but I can't seem to find the proper settings for this timing so If anyone stumbles over a Volvo ME7 Damos Please let me know Nobody has info on the volvo ME7 maps? Come on guys Quote from: Dilemma on July 01,AM. Ok, a friendly source hooked me up with a semi-suitable set of documentation for my ECU and voila, the last functions I needed to adjust are completed and the car has just hit the dyno.

Never the less As the dyno is not free rolling you can set if you want to measure at a fixed rpm or in an interval, and the duration of the interval can be set as well. I choose for a number of reasons actually to run 2krpm to 7krpm in 15 seconds and results are as follows: Maximum boost 1. Any chance you can share you ME7 mapping info?

volvo me7 tuning software

There is a free flash suite in progres. Quote from: dream3R on August 04,AM. Please login or register.Skip to content. Quick links. Logout Register.

Home Board index Tuning ME9. Some concerns with ME7 volvo: 1. Volvo have changed structure so VAG documentation applies for very basic info only, maps are sitting on many different locations 2.

Immo chip, as safety precaution i want to have this ECU cloned, apparantly there is no easy way for cloning the immo part, involes de soldering. Lawicel with Motronic suite i prefer this route 3.

MPPS works fine for reading flash on bench. I reco end you to get a carprog. To read out the flash memmory you have to use bdm. Saab B23xR. Hybrid, TD04hlT 7, 3" Life is to short to have problems, fix them or ignore them. BDM came on ME9.

DIY ECU tuning for Motronic 4.4 (pre-99 X70s)

I have MPPS and the tool and tested it last night. It says i need to ground pin So I would think it would be easier to just do it on the bench. Not sure if anyone on here has a lot of experience with Volvo ME7 or not. Sorry if I am just throwing a bunch of questions around. But with ME7, it is a complete new world for me! But my main issue is I lack correct mappack for map definitions as my seems very specific, even inside volvo ME7 variants.

I really need to find out firslty the KRKTE location, then the ignition timing and turbo tables to make a proper E85 tune but I have no clue where to find them. Thanks in advance! You do not have the required permissions to view the files attached to this post.

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